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The following is extracted from the manuscript by Major Harry Alexander Davis, US Army, Retired, entitled " The Norris Family of Maryland and Virginia". The only copy of this book is located in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and on microfilm in the Latter Day Saints Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Film # 1759098) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- Preface In 1930 this manuscript was completed and letters sent to some 3000 living members asking for subscriptions to help defray the cost of printing, etc. The responses were not sufficient to warrant publication of the work. Several efforts were made in 1934-1935 to secure a few individuals financially able to underwrite the cost, these too were unsuccessful. It then became our plan to place a copy of this manuscript in the Library of Congress but as it was prepared for the printer it was found almost impossible to make an index. The original of this copy was written in 1940-1941 in form so that index could be made. This copy has been made under very adverse circumstances owing to war conditions and has been made by several typists, none of which had previous experience with this class of work, and also a variation of typewriters. By placing this record with the Library of Congress we feel that our labor has not been in vain as it will be available to those who would be interested in its contents. Washington, D. C. Harry A. Davis 1943 Introduction This work represents the results of a great many years of research. The pleasure of historical research and the wish to preserve historical facts have been the moving causes for the production of this book. In examining various records everything of the name was abstracted regardless of whether a direct bearing was apparent or not and all related families were carefully examined for indirect evidence. We have accepted no traditional records at face value and where any such are used herein it is clearly so stated and their use is for the sole purpose of aiding any one who may be interested at some future time. We have traced down the various families of Norris found in the early records of the colonies of Virginia and Maryland to the date where they could be eliminated. Unfortunately there does not exist any record showing exact date of arrival of Thomas Norris, the progenitor of this tribe, however, his associations show him in Virginia about 1630-1631 and he was in what later became Maryland prior to 1634. The first record in Maryland is 1637 when Thomas transports his wife, Ann; he is next mentioned in court records 1639-40, etc. The next mention of Norris in Maryland is when Thomas Norris and his brother-in-law were "transported" to Talbot County from St. Mary's County in 1662-63 disposing of their rights to John Morgan who recorded his papers in 1665. There follows record 3 Mar. 1674 of Thomas Norris on a list produced by Joseph Tilley, and in Dec. 1674 Thomas Norris is on a list of James Connoway, see Thomas Norris, No. 1. In an account of servants brought into the Province of Maryland by Francis Porter (25) "certified that 10 of these were imported by him in the ship Presperous of London in 1675 and the other 15 in the ship Merchants Consent of London in 1676 and the year 1677 and that he had never disposed of the rights for land nor had he made use of it directly or indirectly, " this dated 9 Feb. 1677-78. This list contains the name " John Norres. " This John Norres lived the rest of his life in Ann Arundell county, Maryland and died after 1711 leaving two sons, Thomas and Joseph; his son, Thomas, married Sarah, daughter of Edward Parrish and his will was probated 3 May 1711, Ann Arundell County, Maryland, names his fathers, John Norris and Edward Parrish, and his brother Joseph. This family had no connection with Thomas Norris, the Immigrant. In Oct. 1677 Thomas Taylor, of Dorcester Co., Maryland claims rights for 27 persons among them is Ann Norris, her identity is unknown and this list of persons are shown as from London. The next record is " Transported " by Capt. John Harris on ship "Dover" of London, Willi. Norris, anno 1678. He was clerk of the vestry of All Faith's Parish, St. Mary's County, Maryland and appears frequently in the records to 1700. He moved to Baltimore County, Maryland about 1705, his wife was named Sarah; St Georges Parish records show he died 2 May 1720. His will was dated 2 May 1720 and probated 20 May 1720, left two daughters, Mary born 1704 married Henry Million, and Elce, born 1713 married John Lee. No connection with Thomas Norris, the Immigrant. In the Assembly proceedings occur the names of " Henry Norrice, Stephen Norrice and Richard Norrice. " Henry Norrice or Norris lived and died in Charles County, Maryland. His will dated 5 Jan. 1712 was probated 25 Jan 1713, left one child, a daughter, who was married prior to 1712 John Fairfax. No trace of Stephen Norrice has ever been found. Richard Norrice moved to Virginia as appears below. None of these are connected to Thomas Norris, the Immigrant, as far as known. In Virginia the earliest record of Norris extant in 1639 when " Elizabeth Norris came to James City Co., Virginia, " nothing to show from whence she came nor does she appear in subsequent records. In 1643 there is record of Richard Norrice or Norris coming to James City Co., and this is the Richard Norris of St. Mary's Co., Maryland moving to Virginia. This Richard left descendants, there is record of one son, John, who had a grant of land in Nansemond Co., Virginia in 1681, some of John's descendants moved to Stafford Co., Virginia and some to North Carolina and subsequently to Georgia. There is record of Thomas Norris coming to Nansemond Co. in 1643, and again in 1647, this Thomas is Thomas Norris of Maryland who made these trips to the home of his father-in-law, Thomas Hynson, etc. in 1659 there is record of Thomas Norris in Lancaster County, Virginia who is accounted for in Thomas Norris No. 1. There is no further mention of Norris in Virginia till John Norris in 1681 who has a grant of land above mentioned. Those who follow are fully accounted for in this body of work. The study of Thomas Norris of this record was not an individual study but of all of those with whom he was associated in any manner and were investigated as a group. This study revealed that Thomas Hynson, later his father-in-law, and Samuel Glover were residents of Nansemond County, Virginia and were natives of Norfolk County, England. Thomas Hynson and his son, John, Samuel Glover and his son, Daniel, and Thomas Norris were associated with William Claiborne and his trading post colony established on Kent Island prior to 1634. Thomas Hynson returned to Virginia at the time of the Baltimore-Claiborne controversy and remained there to 1662 when he moved to Talbot Co., Maryland and was followed by his sons-in-law from St. Mary's Co., Maryland, i.e. Thomas Norris and Daniel Glover. In the various branches of this family of Norris which we have encountered in this country in which any attempt to form a family tree has been made they have invariably " hooked " on to Sir Henry Norris, who, with his six sons is buried in Westminster Abbey. Records clearly and definitely show the futility of making any claim of descent from this man unless through a FEMALE line. In the county of Norfolk, England there occur several families of Norris at an early date. The celebrated antiquarian, Anthony Norris, who lived in this county spent the greater part of his life trying to connect these families without any success. In the case of Thomas Norris there occurred the fact of his associates being from Norfolk County, England; there also appeared in the names of his children two unusual ones that continued to appear in at least one line of his descendants with considerable regularity, i.e. Geoffrey and Cuthbert. The occurrence of these names lead to the investigation of the English records for families having these names and there was found but one family in which these names ever occurred and they occurred with regularity therein; later we discovered two family records in a branch of the family No. 15, 45, 134, and 366, which gave conclusive evidence that Thomas belonged to this particular family. One of these families resided in Kentucky and the other in Ohio; the living members having no knowledge of each other at the present time , and apparently the last knowledge the Ohio family had of the Kentucky family was more than eighty years ago. We have found the name quite common in every section of the country. Many of the name show in the 1850 census as arriving in America after 1840. Even in Virginia where the impression exists in many families that ALL Virginia Norris families are descendants of the Lancaster County family, there appear after 1850 quite a number of families who are foreign to this state, some coming from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York, and several families show their children born in Ireland. Even in Lancaster County, it is found that after 1750 at least two branches of this particular family were resident therein, i.e. , No. 10 and No. 17, and in an adjoining counties No. 58. We have endeavored to record facts accurately and impartially, many persons have been located who refused any information whatever either by letter or personal interview. It is possible some errors have crept in as we have had to rely on indirect sources in some of these cases of the living members. Those who have furnished information and records of themselves and others have our sincere thanks. Those who from any cause neglected to impart the desired information, often repeatedly requested, may, when too late, regret their indifference. Historical The early patronymic of this family was Norey, or Norreys. The family is an ancient one in England and there is claim they came from Normandy about the time of William the Conquerer. The earliest record appears to be that of Alane Norreys who was in Sutton long before the time of Henry III (1206) This line is shown in Burke's Peerage and is the line of Sir Henry Norris who is buried in Westminster Abbey. There appears in Burke's General Armory some twenty six other families of the name of Norreys, Norres, and Norris who have been granted arms at some period and all different, so far as is known these families are not related. Whether all of them originally started from Alane Norreys of Sutton is not definitely known. Of the known American families, Nicholas Norris, born ca 1640, appears to be the eighth generation of one Thomas Norris of Speke, came to New Hampshire about 1664-65, left descendants. Reverend Edward Norris, non-conformist, came to Salem, Massachusetts about 1639, left descendants. Isaac Norris, who came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1684-85, was the only surviving member of the family of Thomas Norris who died in Barbados, and appears to have been from Essex County, England, left descendants. Isaac Norris, born ca 1795, England was a sea captain came to Baltimore, Maryland in 1830's and left descendants. None of these are known to be related to each other or to Thomas Norris of this record. The various families of this name who resided in Norfolk County, England prior to 1700 are not proven to be related nor is it known from whence Geoffrey Noreys came when he first appears in this county. There is a similarity of arms of Geoffrey's descendant, John Norris, of Congham, and that of Thomas Norris, of Glamorgan, Wales though the College of Heralds, London, states there is no known record of relationship. This history begins with Geoffrey Noreys: (1) Geoffrey Noreys: Party to a fine in Lynn in 1361: Bought land in Tilney in 1382. Married ......?...... Issue (2) Geoffrey Noreys: Born ca 1370; died .......... Married ............ Issue i. Geoffrey (3) b. 1... ii. John b. 1... married .......... Recorded as Sir John Norys, Vicar of South Lynn in 1444. Executor to will of his brother, Geoffrey. Died in 1504. They had: 1. John Norys (3) Geoffrey Noreys b. 1... Recorded as Lord of Monpinzoun Manor, West Bilney, Norfolk. Married 1... Margery _____ b. _____ His will dated 12 Aug. 1464, his brother John the executor. Margery was living in 1464. Issue (4) John Noreys b. 1... Married ______ Recorded as of West Bilney. Issue (5) Robert Noreys b. circa 1460 died _____ Married _____ Issue (6) Geoffrey Noreys b. 14__ Married _____ Recorded as underage in 1504. Issue (7) John Norris b. 15__ Married, prior to 1566, Alice Might, daughter of _____ Might, of Gunthorpe. He died in 1572. Issue i. Thomas Norris (8) b. 1549 Patron of the living of Anmere. Married Elizabeth Guybon His will dated 22 Jul. 1604, probated in 1608. They had: 1. Thomas Norris b. 1... married daughter of Christopher Hyrne He was living in 1635 in Anmere. They had: a. Thomas b. Ann c. Susan 2. Alice Norris b. 1... 3. Robert Norris (9) b. 1... married (1) Lora Woodhouse (2) Jane Colfer His will was probated 18 Feb. 1638-9. Issue a. John Norris b. 1... died unmarried. Will dated 1654 b. Osbert Norris (10) b. 1... married Mary Brogen. They had: 1. James Norris b. 1667 c. Robert Norris d. Mary Norris e. Alice Norris married Mr. Rope f. Helen Norris married Mr. Havers ii. Cuthbert Norris b. 15__ Was Doctor of Divinity and Arch Deacon of Sudbury. He He died in 1621. iii. Daughter Norris b. 15__ married Mr. Hopes iv. Daughter Norris b. 15__ married Mr. Chosse v. Edmund Norris b. 15__ Married Margery _____. His will dated 19 Aug 1599, codicil in 1607, probated in 1609. Margery living in 1609. No issue vi. Geoffrey Norris (8) b. 15__ (8) Geoffrey Norris b. 15__ married _____. He was living in 1609 and executor of his brother, Edmund. Issue i. Alice Norris ii. Elizabeth Norris iii. Edmund Norris iv. Thomas Norris (9) b. circa 1608 (The Immigrant) Extract COLLEGE OF ARMS QUEEN VICTORIA STREET LONDON, B. C. 4 " The first entry of the pedigree of Congham was made in 1664, this entry being signed by Osbert Norris, and connects with his father Robert. From other sources, however, we have been able to put together a pedigree back to John Norris of Congham (grandfather of the above Robert) who died in 1572. The arms and crest as set out in the " Landed Gentry " were officially recognized with this entry in 1664. " Signed: H. F. Burke, Garter ARMS: Sa., a cross patee fitchee fleury, between ten billets arg. CREST: On a mount vert., a talbot sejant gu., collared or. Thomas Norris, the Immigrant The first of the name of Norris in the Province of Virginia was born in Congham, County Norfolk, England circa 1608. He ran away from home when a lad of about 11 years of age and went to sea which he followed until the time of his arrival in the Providence of Virginia in 1630-31. >From his associates, he evidently settled in Nansemond County, and being of an adventurous and roving nature he became a follower of William Claiborne and his trading adventures. It is historically well known that the earliest settlers in what became the Providence of Maryland were the members of the trading posts established by Captain William Claiborne on what was called "Kent Island", practically the most of the upper Eastern Shore, in 1627. By 1633 this was quite a sizable colony, all being Church of England followers and from the Providence of Virginia. In 1634, Lord Baltimore settled in St. Mary's, Maryland and there ensued quite a controversy between Claiborne and Baltimore which can be found in other sources and need not be recapitulated here. Kent Island, for all intents and purposes, was considered as a part of St. Mary's County with no definite separate records until October, 1640. (Md. arch. i, 39, 55, 87, 361; iii, 62, 105) It is known that many of Claiborne's followers actually moved to St. Mary's County during the time of the Claiborne-Baltimore controversy while some returned to Virginia. There is record evidence that Thomas Norris was actually in St. Mary's County during the year 1637, i.e. 1. Thomas was married, during the year 1637, to Ann Hynson, daughter of Thomas Hynson, of Nansemond County, Virginia and Kent Island, Maryland, and transported her to St. Mary's County, Maryland in that year. (Records Annapolis 1637) 2. One Michael Lums died in St. Mary's County, Maryland some time during the year 1638, his will probated Jan 4, 1639, and his estate was administered in May 1640 when the Provincial Court ordered the payment of his debts and among those to whom he was indebted was "Thos. Norris". (Prov. Ct. Rec. Annapolis, also Md. Archive iv, 59-60, 89, 90) There are no deed records in St. Mary's County, Maryland prior to 1831, those prior to that date having been destroyed by fire. There are a few abstracts taken from Annapolis records but they do not cover the early period. There is also a lapse in the Land Records of Annapolis from 1634 to 1658, hence the name of Thomas and his associates do not show. It appears that after his marriage, Thomas settled down and became a planter and was associated with his brother-in-law, Daniel Glover, in St. Mary's County, and was possibly associated with his father-in-law in Nansemond County, Virginia. In 1643, Thomas Norris made a trip to Nansemond County, Virginia to the home of his father-in-law. He was reported by one John Carter who secured head rights. In 1647, he made another trip to "Nansemum" County, Virginia and was reported by one L. Peeters, who also secured head rights. It can be learned by following up many of these cases that some supposed immigrants in both Virginia and Maryland are really persons engaged in business and whoever transported them from colony to colony claimed land for bringing them into the providence. Thomas Norris and Daniel Glover, his brother-in-law, whose wife was a sister to Ann Hynson Norris, were transported to Talbot County, Maryland in 1663, at which time they assigned their rights for land to one John Morgan, of Talbot County; Morgan did not make use of these rights until the year 1665. (Land Records Lib 9, fol. 313) We investigated the actions of this John Morgan and the records disclose he specialized in "Transporting" persons to and from Virginia to St. Mary's County, Maryland, and from St. Mary's County to Talbot County, Maryland, thus securing head rights to land which he disposed of for a "consideration". There does not appear any definite and distinct record of the date when Talbot was lined off from Kent as a separate jurisdiction. It is first mentioned in the Council in 1660-61, and no original boundaries defined clearly. It, however, appears that from 1661 to 1665 Talbot embraced all territory from Kent Narrows and south of Kent Island to the Delaware line and Choptank river. In 1665 definite boundary was established between Kent and Talbot. The first court of Talbot County was held at the house of William Coursey on April 25, 1662. Seven Justices are named and among them is Thomas Hynson. At a court held at the house of William Coursey in November 1663, Edward Lloyd takes his seat as a Justice. It appears that Thomas Hyson had resigned or failed of reappointment as we find him foreman of a jury of inquest and among the jury we find the following names of interest: Thomas Hynson, Jr.; John Hynson; Daniel Glover; and Thomas Norris, sons and son-in-law of said Thomas Hynson, Sr. (Ct. rec. Talbot County, also Hist. of Talbot County, Tilghman, pp. 203-205) In 1665, Thomas Norris and Daniel Glover bought 400 acres of land jointly from Cornelius Comegys. Thomas Norris deeded his share of this land to William Lads on July 26, 1668, his wife does not appear in this deed. (Deeds Lib. 1, fol. 43) In a Power of Attorney dated June 20, 1670, from Ann Hynson, wife of Thomas Hynson, Jr. to Thomas Norris, she empowers said Norris to represent her in the sale of a parcel of land called "Grayson's Rectified", granted to Thomas Hynson, Sr, deceased. (Deeds Lib. 1, fol. 110) The sale of this land is recorded on June 20, 1670, Thomas Hynson, Jr. to John Hynson, land on the east fork of Wickliffe being one half of 800 acres formerly owned by Thomas Hynson, deceased, father of said Thomas and John, etc. (Deeds Lib. 1, fol.109) In 1673, Thomas Norris, of Talbot County, Maryland had a grant 200 acres of land called "Norrisdery", on Chester River. (Lib 17, fol. 315) On November 6, 1675, Thomas Norris, of Talbot County, Maryland, bricklayer (son of Thomas Norris, Sr.) deeded to John Power 200 acres of land on Chester River for 13,000 pounds of tobacco. In this deed the land is called "Marklinborough" and it appears identical with the land granted above in 1673. >From the above record, Thomas Norris, Sr. died just prior to November, 1675 and intestate. He was evidently negotiating the sale of the 200 acres of land at the time of his demise and it was concluded by Thomas Norris, Jr., eldest son and heir at law. Ann Norris, his wife, was evidently deceased prior to July, 1668 as she does not appear in the deed of that date as waiving dower, etc. Their children were: 1. i. Thomas b. 1638 m. 1-Martha Ironmonger 2-Elizabeth Hosier 2. ii. Edward b. Oct 1639 m. 1-Mary Freeman 2- Sarah Wichell iii. Geoffrey b. 164- d. abt 2 or 3 years 3. iv. Daniel b. Apr 1643 m. Elizabeth ______ 4. v. Alice b. Jun 1644 m. William Evans vi. Cuthbert b. Aug 1645 d. abt 23 years - drowned at sea 5. vii. Robert b. Dec 1647 m. Tabitha Ostley 6. viii Ann b. Abt 1650 m. Francis Shepherd 7. ix. John b. 1652 m. Susannah Heard ============================================================ Generation 2 Thomas, the immigrant (2) Edward Norris was born in October 1639 in St. Mary's County, Maryland, the son of Thomas Norris and Ann Hynson. He moved to Anne Arundell County, Maryland where he married his first wife, Mary Freeman, prior to 1661. Mary died about 1678 and soon after, Edward moved to Baltimore County, Maryland. Mary Freeman was born 16__, the daughter of William and Mary Freeman, and a sister of Elizabeth Freeman who married Thomas Meares. They were Quakers and it was discovered through the records of Thomas Meares and his family, the identity of Mary. Edward and Mary lived in close proximity to said Thomas Meares and Edward Norris was a witness to the will of Thomas Meares in 1674. On Dec 1, 1686-7, Edward witnessed a will of John Kemp and said will was probated March 15, 1686-7. Edward married the widow of this John Kemp about 1689. Her name was Sarah (nee Wichell) Kemp. Edward died early in the year 1695-6 intestate. On February 10, 1695-6 came John Thomas, on behalf of Sarah Norris of Baltimore County, and shewed that Edward Norris, late of Baltimore County, deceased, died intestate and proposed letters of administration of her said deceased husband of late, the which was granted and a commission out of this office to Mr. George Ashman to swear the said Sarah, administratrix, with blanke bond to take security according to law, etc. (Admns. xvi, vol 129) The inventory of his estate was as follows: A true and perfect Inventory of all and Singular the goods and Chattels of Edwd Norris, of Baltimore County, deceased, appraised in money this 15th day of February 1696: Imps to 2 old feather beds and Furniture 3-10-0 Parcel of old pewter, 6 old Tin pans, an old skillet, skimmer, and ladle 1-0-0 2 Old Iron pots, and Iron Kettle and frying pan, and old Iron spit, Box Irons and Tongs and Gridiron 0-12-0 2 chairs 0-0-0 2 guns 1-0-0 one hand mill 1-0-0 An old set Coopers tools 1-10-0 An old crosscut saw and tenant saw and 4 wedges, one pair small steelyards, one old hatchet 1-0-0 A Table and Form, an old Trunk Chest and 2 chairs 1-15-0 An old set Cooper Tools 0-0-0 Eleven sheep and six lambs 5-16-0 5 cows and a two year old Bull 11-0-0 Three yearlings 0-18-0 An old Iron postill, grindstone and looking glass 0-6-0 A dutch Case and 6 Bottles 0-3-0 a parcel of Hogs 0-15-0 John Mainfell Seal his John O Bower Seal mark (Inv. Lib. Al, fols. 18-54, Balto., Md) On the 12th of April, 1698 came John Thomas that married the widow and relict of Edward Norris, late of Baltimore County, deceased, who being cited to render an account of the estate of said Edward Norris which his wife administered upon and declares he has nothing to pay and that the whole inventory of the estate according to appraisement belonged to the two orphans of one Kemp, and ordered that ye same be transmitted to ye County Court to take security and further ye said John Thomas desired that he be no more cited. (Lib xvii fol. 82) The death of said Sarah is not known. The above record covered everything so far discovered pertaining to Edward Norris. He apparently never owned any real estate, and there were indications he was more or less improvident. During the years this record was being constructed we naturally formed some mental picture of a man who was a "good mixer" and used this characteristic to it's full extent. About 1923 we met and elderly kinsman in Harford County, Maryland who was near ninety years of age, physically infirm but whose mind was very clear, she had lived all her life in Harford County and knew personally a great number of the Norris men who lived there from 1835 to 1920; we had her describe the personality characteristics of many of them, one she described stating, " Norris was a well built man, loved horses, and was a good talker, spent much of his time visiting friends and relatives, but he would not work." This man was a direct descendant of Edward Norris and his description shows undoubtedly many characteristics of the prototype Edward Norris. 10. i. William b. 1661 m. Martha Husband 11. ii. John b. 1663 m. 1-Elizabeth Parsons 2- Mary Newman iii. Mary b. 166_ 12. iv. Thomas b. 1668 m. Elizabeth Taney v. Elizabeth b. 167_ vi. Geoffrey b. 167_ d. abt 10 years vii. Ann b. 1678 viii. Richard Kemp b. 16__ Stepson (minor in 1686) ix. Mary Kemp b. 16__ Stepdaughter (minor in 1686) x. Sarah b. 169_ d. in infancy =============================================================== Generation 3 Thomas 1, Edward 2 (11) John Norris was born in Anne Arundell County, Maryland in 1663. He married, prior to August 1685, Elizabeth Parsons, daughter of Thomas and Isabell Parsons. Elizabeth was born in Maryland about 1666-67. He was deeded land as early as 1688 on Herring Creek. On August 10, 1691, he was deeded land on Herring Creek by Benjamin Hooker called " Hookers Addition ", for 5500 pounds of tobacco. On June 24, 1726-27 he patented 32 acres of land on Herring Creek swamp called "Norris Addition" and left it to his grandson, Thomas Norris (of John) by will. He made extensive purchases of land in Baltimore County. On November 6, 1716 he was deeded land called " Prospect ", 243 acres by Peter Bond and William Hamilton for 30 pounds sterling. On March 4, 1718 he was deeded by Thomas Preston " Everly Hills ", 365 acres in Baltimore County above head of Bush River. On September 20, 1726 he was deeded by William Parish and wife, Susan, " Spring Garden ", 150 acres lying in Patapsco in Baltimore County for 30 pounds. On November 9, 1724 he conveyed a part of " Prospect " to son Edward, and on same date a part of " Everly Hills " to son Benjamin, in each case "for natural love and affection which I have and do bear for my son ...." Elizabeth died in November 1714. On April 3, 1715 the petition of John Norris of Anne Arundell County setting forth that he is fined 500 pounds of tobacco for not attending as a juror at a court held in November last for the said county during the sitting of which said court the petitioners wife lay very sick and died, that he did not neglect his duty out of any contempt but was purely induced by his affection to and care of his wife..... The truth of the said petition being certified by two of the Commissioners of the aforesaid County Court is though reasonable and granted, wherefore ordered that the said fine be remitted and not levied. (Maryland Archive) On April 3, 1716, John married Mary Newman. He dated his will November 1, 1737 and died about November 1740 and this will was admitted to probate December 6, 1740. He devises " Norris Addition " in the Swamp of Herring Creek to grandson Thomas Norris. (Subsequent records disclose definitely that this is a son of JOHN NORRIS of Anne Arundell County, Md.) Leaves all other lands in Anne Arundell County to son John and HIS son John, etc. To daughter, Mary Metcalf, is devised " Spring Garden " in Baltimore County. To son, Thomas, remainder of " Everly Hills " Baltimore County, except that part deeded to son, Benjamin. To son, Joseph, remainder of " Prospect " except that part deeded to son Edward. Wife, Mary, interest in his lands during her life or widowhood, she to be sole executor. This will was executed by Thomas Norris, his son who personally appeared before the court on December 6, 1740, etc. WILL I, John Norris of Anne Arundell County, alltho but sickly and weak in Body yet in perfect mind and memory and Sound as att other times in my Judgement but Calling to mind the uncertainty of time in this World do make Constitute and Ordain this my Last Will and Testament. Revoking and making Void former Wills and Testaments whatsoever and this only to Stand and abide Good in Law being in manner and form as followeth. Item - I give unto my Grandson Thomas Norris a parcel of Land in the Swamp, called Norrises Addition, Adjoyning to my Other Lands and after my wife's Decease to him, his Heirs forever all my other lands in said Swamp. I give after my Wife's Death or Marriage to son Joseph Norris and his son John Norris to be Equally Divided between Them and Their Heirs forever. I give to my Son Thomas Norris all the Remaining part of a Tract of Land in Baltimore County Called Everly Hills all that part of the Said tract that is not made Over to my Son Benjamin to him and his heirs forever. I also give to my Daughter Mary Metcalf a parcel of Land in Baltimore County one hundred and fifty acres and Called Spring Garden to her and her heirs forever. I give to my Son Joseph all the Remainder of a Tract of Land in Baltimore County called Prospect, all said Remainder of the aforesaid tract that is not made over to my Son Edward to him and his Heirs forEver - as to my Personal Estate I give to my Son Thomas Norris one Negro boy named Abraham; one feather Bed and furniture - 2 Cows and Calves - 2 Sows and Piggs - I also give to my Daughter Mary Metcalf- one negro boy called Daniel - 2 Cows and Calves - & 2 Sows and Piggs - Lastly I give unto my Dear and Loving Wife Mary Norris during her natural Life or Widowhood the full Injoyment and Right of all my Lands in the Swamp as also the use and profits of all my Personal Estate during her Life or Widowhood - Excepting these Legacies before mentioned - Lastly - after my Wife's Death or Marriage my whole Estate both Real and Personal - said Real to be aforesaid and the Personal to Equally divided among my Children - to say - John, Benjamin, Edward, Joseph, Thomas, Susannah, and Mary. I do likewise ordain my Loving Wife Mary Norris to be in full said executor and Administrator of this Last Will and Testament - In Witness whereof I do hereunto Sott my hand and affix my Seal this first day of November An. Do 1731 In presence of John Norris William Foard his Jacob Holland mark Thos Esdell Ambros Nespry On the back of foregoing will is: December 5, 1740. Then came William Foard, Thomas Esdell and William (sic) Nespry, three of the subscribing witnesses - ****** Whose oath was taken in the presence of Thomas Norris, heir at Law to the Deceased and who did not object to the probate of Said Will. (Wills Land Commissioners of Annapolis) Children: (first wife) i. Elizabeth b. May 06, 1686 ii. Susannah b. Feb 02, 1691 m. Richard Atherton 34. iii. John b. Feb 28, 1691 Anne Arundell Co, Md m. Clare Wells iv. Hannah b. Aug 20, 1698 Anne Arundell, Co, Md. m. William Jones 35. v. Benjamin b. Aug 20, 1698 Anne Arundell Co, Md m. Sarah Whitaker 36. vi. Edward b. Feb 04, 1701 Anne Arundell Co, Md m. Elizabeth Scott 37. vii. Joseph b. Feb 20, 1705 Anne Arundell Co, Md m. Mary _____ (Second wife) 38. viii. Thomas b. Dec 26, 1716 Anne Arundell Co, Md m. Averilla Scott ix. Mary b. Feb 16, 1718 Anne Arundell Co, Md m. John Metcalf ===================================================================== Generation 4 Thomas 1, Edward 2, John 3 (38) Thomas Norris was born in Anne Arundell County, Maryland on Dec 26, 1716. He moved to Baltimore County prior to 1738 and married there on Oct 10, 1738 Averilla Scott. He inherited a part of "Everly Hills" from his father in 1740. He executed his fathers will and personally appeared before the Anne Arundell County Court on December 6, 1740. On Feb. 24, 1742 he deeded 178 acres of "Everly Hills" to his brother Benjamin Norris. (Deeds Lib. TB C, fol. 190) On October 30, 1742 Thomas was deeded, by William and Ruth Lewis, 100 acres of land, part of a grant to Lloyd Harris on July 3, 1734, assigned by Harris July 7, 1735 to William Rogers and assigned by Rogers to Augustine Choat and called "Choat's Contrivance". (Deeds Lib. TB C, fol. 93) On Apr. 6, 1744 Thomas and Abrilla deeded to Anthony Asker, "Chadwell's Ridge", 80 acres, no record of how Thomas acquired this land. (Deeds Lib. TB C, fol. 469) Thomas was given a mortgage by John Metcalf on "Murray's Meadows", 100 acres. (Deeds Lib. TBC, fol. 414) On May 7, 1735 Thomas and Averilla Norris deeded to Joh Stevenson, doctor of physick, said county, 100 acres of land called "Choat's Contrivance" for 90 pounds. (Deeds Lib. TR D, fol. 550) On May 21, 1753 Thomas was a party to a deed involving John Metcalf and the mortgage on "Murray's Meadows", etc. (Deeds Lib. TR D, fol. 551) This is the last record of Thomas in Baltimore County. He moved to Frederick County, Maryland about 1754. The first record of him in this county is found on a Muster Roll, French and Indian War, 1757-58 for quartering men, etc. "Captain Norris Company to Captain Thomas Norris for 30 days attendance." (Maryland Hist. Mag. vol. ix, 349) On May 25, 1758 he made a Bill of Sale to Samuel Beale, 3 horses, 4 cows, and 20 hogs for 3250 1/4 pounds of tobacco. (Deed Lib. F, fol. 422.) In 1760 he patented "Norris Scheme", Frederick County. (BC-GS, 12 - 470) and "The Trap", (BC-GS 14, 624) and "Retirement"2100 acres. (BC-GS 14, 624) In 1761 he had a resurvey on "Retirement" and added 273 acres of vacant land, laid out for 2369 acres (BE-GS 14, 29) He and his son William, had a resurvey on "The Trap". (BC-GS 19, 551) In May 1763 William Norris applied for a patent on land "Resurvey on Retirement" stating that Thomas Norris, his father, late of Frederick County, deceased, had patented this and had died before making good his right and title, by which said rights descended to said William, son and heir. William was granted the patent and land was called "Retirement Corrected". Averilla was deceased before 1790. Children: 112. i. William b. Dec 24, 1739 Baltimore Co, Md. m. Catherine Williams 113. ii. Nathaniel b. Dec 16, 1741 Baltimore Co, Md. m. Catherine Phillips iii. Mary b. Feb 06, 1743 114. iv. John b. May 06, 1746 Baltimore Co, Md. m. Ruch C. Phillips v. Averilla b. abt 1748 Baltimore Co, Md. d. infancy 115. vi. Thomas b. Nov. 1750 Baltimore Co, Md. m. Sarah (Dagenhart?) vii. Averilla b. 175- ==================================================================== Generation 5 Thomas 1, Edward 2, John 3, Thomas 4 (113) Nathaniel Norris was born in Baltimore County, Maryland Dec 16, 1741. Moved to Frederick County, Maryland with his parents in 1754. He served as a Private in Captain Thomas Norris Company in the French and Indian War 1757-58. Listed on Muster Roll for 30 days quartering. (Md. Hist. Mag. ix, fol. 349) He married, prior to 1763, Catherine Phillips, daughter of John Phillips, born in Maryland in 1744. He is named in the will of John Phillips with his brother, John Norris, to dispose of lands and make divisions of proceeds to children of said Phillips. (Wills 1769, Frederick County) Nathaniel appears to have owned considerable real estate but records do not show how he obtained it. He died in 1813 and his estate was administered by Upton Norris and Jacob Clabaugh on October 1, 1813. Final settlement of the estate took place on April 26, 1815. His wife, Catherine, was living in 1815 and received 361-13-0 pounds while 10 children received 72-6-7 1/4 pounds each as their share of the estate. Children: 328. i. William b. Nov. 1763 Frederick Co, Md. m. Mary Patrick 329. ii. Thomas b. Feb 10, 1769 Frederick Co, Md. m. Mary Eliz. Dager iii. Mary b. 1771 Frederick Co, Md. m. Meredith Norris iv. Eleanor b. 1773 Frederick Co, Md. 330. v. John b. May 1775 Frederick Co, Md. m. Mary Raitt vi. Reuben b. 1777 Frederick Co, Md. m. Catherine Nancy Norris vii. Elizabeth b. Apr 1779 Frederick Co, Md. m. Jacob Clabaugh 331. viii. Catherine b. Nov 10, 1781 Frederick Co, Md. m. Daniel Delaplane 332. ix. Upton b. 1783 Frederick Co, Md. m. Susannah Clary 333. x. Rachel b. Aug 04, 1787 Frederick Co, Md. m. John Smelser ======================================================================== Generation 6 Thomas 1, Edward 2, John 3, Thomas 4, Nathaniel 5 (329) Thomas Norris was born in Frederick County, Maryland on Feb. 10, 1769. He migrated to Washington County, Maryland prior to 1789 and married there, prior to 1791, Mary Elizabeth Dager, born Maryland in 1775. On May 13, 1794 a Warrant was issued to one John Chaplain, of Washington County, Maryland and by him assigned to Thomas Norris to resurvey a tract of land in Allegheny County called " Stop Gap ', surveyed for John Norris for 3 acres, Feb. 24, 1791, and containing 100 acres for which amount over warrant to John Norris omitted to pay within the time limit. On May 5, 1792 Rezin Davidge by special warrant for resurvey of this same land but he also neglected to execute. Thomas Norris, on May 6, 1793 had a special warrant to resurvey this tract and he neglected to execute. In 1794 as above stated said Joseph Chaplain obtained warrant to resurvey this tract and add any contiguous vacancies and reduce to one tract, survey was made and certificate made out for 16209 ACRES and was called " Hazard Resurvey " and was assignedto Thomas Norris Mar. 25, 1795. On Apr. 25, 1795 Thomas Norris for valuable consideration assigned all right and title to said certificate to Josh. Johnson and William Tongue, witnessed by John Norris, Elizabeth Norris and ____ White. On May 15, 1795 said Josh. Johnson and William Tongue transferred title to John Davidson of Annapolis. (Land Certificate No. 352, Annapolis) It is to be noted that in these transactions none of the parties were of Allegheny County. We have often wondered what the " valuable consideration " was in the case, also what this tract would be, if intact, at present day valuation. Thomas Norris resided in Washington County to about 1808 when he moved to Allegheny County, Maryland and resided there to 1813 when he moved to Belmont County, Ohio. He purchased a tract of land in Fairfield County, Ohio from one J. Rose in 1815 and deeded same to his brother, John Norris, in 1825 and then moved to Coshocton County, Ohio where he died in 1835. Mary Elizabeth survived him and died in 1855 at the home of her son, Thomas. There are eleven children in this family. (nine known) i. Elizabeth b. 1791 ii. Mary Jane b. 1793 673. iii. Daniel b. May 08, 1794 Washington Co, Md. m. Susan Beach 674. iv. Thomas b. Oct 1796 Washington Co, Md. m. Sarah Stills 675. v. Nathaniel b. Aug 16, 1798 Washington Co, Md. m. Sarah Todd vi. Samantha M. b. 1801 676. vii. Charles b. Feb 1803 Washington Co, Md. m. Susannah _____ 677. viii. Julian b. 1805 678. ix. Elias b. Mar 07, 1809 Allegheny Co, Md. m. Mary A. Humphrey =================================================================== Generation 7 Thomas 1, Edward, John 3, Thomas, 4, Nathaniel 5, Thomas 6 (676) Charles Norris was born in Washington County, Maryland in February of 1803. He moved to Allegheny County, Maryland with his parents and to Ohio in 1813. He married prior to 1829 Susannah _____ , born Pennsylvania in 1803, moved to Bartholomew County, Indiana about 1848 and in 1854 they moved to Mercer County, Missouri. Both were living in 1880. He was a farmer. Children: i. Jonathan b. 1829 Ohio ii. Sarah Ann b. 1835 iii. George b.1838 m. 1 - Hannah _____ m. 2 - Margaret _____ iv. Richard b. 1840 v. Elias b. 1842 m. Sara A. _____ vi. Susannah b. 1844 vii. Charles b. 1845-46 m. Pamela Freeman viii. Thomas J. b. 1848 Indiana m. Samantha _____ ============================================================== Generation 8 Thomas 1, Edward 2, John 3, Thomas 4, Nathaniel 5, Thomas 6, George 7 George Norris was born in 1838. He married twice. First, he married Hannah _____, born Ohio in 1840, moved to Iowa in 1862 and moved to Missouri in 1871. Hannah died and he married, for his second wife, Margaret _____, born Missouri 1855. He was a farmer, resided Mercer Ounty, Missouri. Children: (1st wife) i. Hannah b. 1859 ii. Ann b. 1861 Indiana iii. Isadora b. 1863 Iowa m. Green H. Williams iv. George, Jr. b. 1865 Iowa v. Charles b. 1866 vi. Oscar b. 1868 (2nd Wife) vii. Norman H. b. 1876 viii. William R. b. 1878 ================================================================