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Welcome to Courtney's Genealogy Page!

I've started this page in hopes that others researching the same lines will contact me so that we can exchange information. Some lines are more researched than others. The Norris family is traced back to the mid 14th century while my Williams line, so far, is only back to the early 1800ís. It does get frustrating when it seems that youíre not getting anywhere. So feel free to see if we connect and Iíll try to help as much as possible.


My family (especially Grandma) is convinced that McNally is an Irish name. Ever since I can remember they have been saying that we have some Irish ancestors. The only problem with this is that the records I have found sow McNally as the most recent spelling. Spelling prior to this is shown as McNelly on many records. So far, my research has shown that the McNallyís are of Scottish descent. Well, needless to say, this has made a few family members unhappy and they donít want to believe me. So, Iíll continue searching...trying to find some tiny Irish root to satisfy my family. It may take years and years but Iíll keep looking so that my brother can wear hi ďKiss me, Iím IrishĒ tee shirt on St. Patrickís Day.

My Advice to You:

Be sure that your family is ready for whatever you may uncover in your genealogical pursuits. Often, it is more comforting to live in the belief that you are a descendent of royalty rather than poor potato farmers in search of a better life. One isnít any better than the other, of course, but the family that youíve come to identify with sort of shapes the way you view the world. To have that view distorted with facts may cause some tense family relations. Donít push your family to accept this ďnewĒ family history. Give them time, they may come around to see it as something exciting or they may dismiss it completely. Either way, it is something to think about before sharing your revelations. But of course, this has only been my experience!

Courtney Ray

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